Julia A. M. Hayden

I designed and built my first information system when I was 16, the same year I won several prizes for my artwork. The information system was small, in Hypercard, but was very useful for our small scientific office. The art is hanging in my parent's living room. I built my first website in 1994, back when you could fit a list of all personal web pages on a single webpage, and I designed my first web application in 1996.

My background is eclectic; I majored in Ancient Studies, knitting together a major from multiple discliplines and focusing on the culture of a specific region from the perspective of art, literature, language, religion, pop culture, city planning, archaeology, and history. At the same time, I was building information systems for scientists, evangelizing the web to anyone who would listen, and running the college newspaper.

My master's degree is in information science, which - in my case - was a combination of information theory, user interface classes, and practical skills ranging from database design to networking, and courses dealing with users and information. As a professional user interface designer, I've worked for Fortune 500 companies, in a small startup, on academic contracts, and for the government, and have been highly successful in all of those roles.

Key facts about me:

Software Expertise

I have expertise with the following software packages, tools, and operating systems:

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