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FEMA & NOAA grants, the University of Virginia
My very first jobs (with the exception of one nanny gig)were with professors in the Department of Environmental Sciences at UVa, where I first discovered the internet, discovered the wonders of file transfer protocol, and got my first e-mail account.

VCR - LTER Project, University of Virginia.
Mostly summer jobs during college, where I had lots of opportunities to build, analyze, and take apart information systems, plus gain valuable experience in doing everything from computer security issues to publicity. In the summer after I graduated, I got to build gophers and web pages; this was back in the days before background images, blink (thank goodness!), or a view of the web as anything other than a way to exchange and disseminate information. Among the things I did that summer:
  The CED Web Page (1994)
  The The Hungarian Scientific Gopher and Web Page (1994).
  I've also contributed to the design and structure of the
  Virginia Coast Reserve Information System (VCRIS) home page.

Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill.
I lead a team to develop a prototype web site (and to outline options for future advancement and expansion) for the B-school at UNC, and demonstrated exactly how easy it would be for the Communications Department to take it over and expand it.

The YouthLink Project, The Center for Early Adolescense at UNC.
Funding ran out before we could complete the gathering of information and full development of the web site, the intent of which was to create a public database of the programs available in North Carolina that would help youths between the ages of 11 and 14; it was specifically designed to be accessed over slow modems by parents, teachers, and counselors using lynx.

The Lockheed Martin contract with the EPA.
As a member of the team that provided the EPA with Internet Services, my primary responsibilities lay in working with the web site, where I pushed for standards and a consistant style guide, developed web versions of EPA documents, and created the Catalogue of services offered to EPA employees. Many of the pages I created can be seen at the Office of Water web pages.

Center for Technology Enablement,Ernst & Young.
I'm in the Distributed Computing service line, with special expertise in the internet/intranet area. My most common roles include being a web producer, art director, graphic designer, and GUI designer.

M Y  S I T E S
Lately - since I've entered the real world - I've not had time to update many of my content-driven web-sites. It's my plan, however, to try and at least fix dead and errant links, sometime soon, and find a way to make the maintenance of these sites easier; I'm still mulling over the possibilities.

The Ancient World
It's the puzzle-lover in me that is so atracted to the ancient world; the combination of mystery and humanity is unavoidably alluring.

Charlottesville (Va) On-Line.
I grew up in Charlottesville, and when this page was founded (1994), no other resource of it's kind existed. Since I've moved to *gasp* the dreaded Northern Virginia, the maintenance of the page has really dropped in the priority list. I'm thinking about giving it to Monticello Avenue.

Etruscan Network
If I had used my brain as a freshman in college, my whole life would be very different today. I waited until I was a senior to take Etruscan Art, and was immediately lost; everything came together in one fell swoop. If the ancient world attracts me, the Etruscans enchant me. More mysterious than most, and relentlessly romanticized, I find their culture and art to have a verve that is missing in their neighbors.

The Freberg Page
Stan Freberg is a genius. He is probably best known to my generation as the voice of the Abominable Snowman in those Bugs Bunny cartoons ("I'll hug him and pet him and hold him and ... call him George"), but his best stuff comes from his radio shows, his hit releases, and the amazing albums like Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America.

rlunatic/j.hayden productions
Back in the days when John D'Alessandro and I were carefree and always on-line, we were constantly engaged in some great act of comic literature. We're still on-line, but no longer so carefree. In the years since we've had time to maintain the rljhp site, we've lost a lot of the documents, others are mouldering away in various directories, and lots of Australians seem to keep finding the page.

You know you are a geek when...
It started as a self-mocking post on a BBS several years ago, and the page was born. About a fourth of the entries are contributions from near and far, and it's a site that seems to provoke group mail from officefuls of people.

Future Metaphors for the Information SuperHighway
Sean and I started this in the fall of 1995, after a particularly egregious new term, and the thing snowballed. Pretty soon, the battered old notebook was being passed around, and people kept asking. So I started promising a web site. A year and a half later, I delivered.

The RATSAGH archive
If there's one thing I do to unwind, it's watch General Hospital. The actors are great, the dialogue is supurb, and the folks on are really really really funny. I'm talking sardonic, silly, strange, and often twisted. Somehow I've become one of the FAQsters for the GH corner of RATSA.
1995 NCAA Tourney Picks
Yes, I picked UVa first. I'd do it again, too. I live in a dream world. I like it here.

1996 NCAA Men's Tournament Picks
At the last possible moment, I was narrowly edged out by my master's paper advisor in the ILS pool, and by my boss in the work pool. It was a black day in the Triangle.

1997 Season
I was developing a last-minute software interface at tourney time, so my picks have not been preserved from e-mail. I knew Kentucky, and UNC weren't going to win. I picked Kansas. I had Arizona losing in the second round! I'm delighted they won, however - what a fantastic final game! The best - in my opinion - since the upset win of NC State 15 years ago.
The Tandem School   alumni mag
Class of 1990. Never actually took a class with Letty. Grabbed a covetted locker in the Lounge. First person to go from 6th grade to 12th. Et cetera.

Smith College   alumnae webring
Class of 1994. Editor of the Sophian for two long long long years. Ancient Studies with a minor in Art History. Lamont, my first two years, Junior (and Senior) Year at Capen Annex, with a nominal residence in Chapin.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Graduated in 1996 with a masters in Information Science. My master's paper explored how the traditional tenets of museology are translated into the design and organization of virtual museums on the WWW.

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