The Ballad of the Odder Adder

One day when I log'd on the VAX
(Just to check my Mail)
A Lady fair did send to me
A sad and horrifying tale.

She said she walk'd to town that day
to buy herself a mask,
when out of a nearby sewer
there crawled a loathsome asp.

It slither'd out like liquid soap
hissing slyly at her
It was no simple scaly snake,
It was an odder adder.

It danc'd a wild tango there
cavorting in the lane
Twisting round its noxious head
to dart at her again.

And when the worm had finish'd
its evil little dance
the slime ask'd her for money
or once again he'd prance.

She was but a student poor-
nearly as thin as her purse.
Looking into his leering face,
All she could do was curse.

At last she had to give him cash
Yes, all the cash she had
As the snake sank 'neath the ground
My poor friend went home sad.

This Vignette was inspired by a 1992 Assignment. The meter is a trifle off, and the word choice could have been better. It does, however, retain a certain charm.