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October 23, 1998 9:14 a.m. -->
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"-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2 Final//EN">
<!-- Becky you should wait until release to put this in. What if someone doesn't follow standards? -OPJ -->
<!-- Why, I'm adhering to standards, and I would think you are, too. -->
<!-- To be safe? Oh, forget it. --OPJ -->

<!-- Is there a reason why everything was in screaming capitol letters? I fixed them to lowercase. OPJ -->
<!-- I find it's easier to find tags if I use uppercase letters. -->
<!-- If you upgraded to a modern html editor, there is color tagging of tags.
Oh, but I forgot, you are a purist! -->
<!-- It works for me. Quick, simple, easy to edit on the fly. -->
<!-- This page, and its content is copyright BOC, Inc. 1996-1998. All rights reserved. Violators will be prosecuted -->
<!-- Don't you mean prosecuted? --OPJ -->
<!-- What?-->
<!-- Not persecuted, prosecuted.-->
<!-- Fine! I fixed it. -->
<!-- <title>Announcing An Innovative New Product!</title> -->
<!-- Are you sure this is what it is supposed to say? It has no oomph! It doesn't even name the product. -BeckyLee -->
<!-- That's what Roger said in the brief. -OPJ-->
<!-- He said something "like Announcing An Innovative New Product" not that specifically. BLJ-->
<!-- I called Roger. He approved the following. I commented out the previous title. Remove it to signify you have acknowledged it, please. -->
<title>WinEstella: Innovation on the Internet</title>
<!-- Roger approved that? Ick. Oh Well. OPJ -->

<LINK REV="made" href="mailto:???">
<!-- They still haven't figured out the e-mail yet, hunh?-->
<!-- Nope. -->

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
<!-- At this morning's manager meeting, we decided to use stylesheets for added value for people with new clients. -->
<!-- Netscape or MSIE? No one pays any attention to the standards, and I'm not touching it. -BLJ -->
<!-- You don't have to. I'll do it. -->


<body bgcolor="#ffffff" background="ebg.gif" text="#000000" link="#0000ff" vlink="#ff0000" alink="#00ff00">
<!-- Oscar, did you even look at a color wheel? -->
<!-- What, the green? -->
<!-- Yes, the green. It's horrendous! -->

<!-- It's not that bad. Besides, They wanted to be very traditional, with a sudden burst of electricity that is subtle. -->
<!-- Talk about your headaches! It's awful. Can't we at least pick a color with more substance and fewer headaches? -->
<!-- It's the color of the text on the packaging. -->
<!-- What twit approved that? -->
<!-- Who do you think? -->

<font face="verdana, arial, helvetica, geneva, sans serif">
<!-- Font tags, Becky Lee? *sigh* -->
<!-- Yes font tags. Not all of us have Communicator 4.5: especially our future clients. -->
<!-- Shows how little you know! It's a beta, and it doesn't do style sheets.
And ... VERDANA? Come on! -->
<!-- I like Verdana. It's readable. It was designed for the screen. -->
<!-- I'm not helping Bill Gates take over the 'net. The next thing you know they'll want us to work on PCs! -->
<!-- For gods sake, Oscar, grow up. I cascaded the fonts. People don't have to get the font. -->
<!-- I don't have to like it. -->

<img align="right" alt="WinEstella: Savvy! Savvy! Savvy!" border=0 width="200"
height="375" src="/pics/WinEstella_web.gif" >
<H1><font size=7>Innovation</font></h1>
<!-- Sure, cut the guts out of my style sheets. -->
<!-- See above. -->
<!-- What?-->
<!-- We had this conversation before. Our users don't necessarily have the most advanced browsers. -->
<!-- and I said - oh whatever. Never mind. Go right ahead. -->
<!-- Thank you. -->

A great philosopher once said "Innovation is a rare flower that must tended with the fear it may one day disappear.
<!-- Gag! -->
<!-- Let me guess? Roger? -->
<!-- How did you know? -->
<!-- We can't seriously release this! -->
<!-- Wanna bet? -->

<!-- No. -->

Over the past year, BOC, Inc., who have
produced some of the most important and
valuable tools for the savvy web surfer, have been tending the greatest innovation yet. <b>WinEstella</b> promises to provide today's web surfer with the utmost in style, convenience, and power.
<!-- *laugh* -->
<!-- I know, I know. But hey, what would we know? -->
<!-- I did like your comment at the end of alpha feedback. Hee. No human alive would ever want such a thing ... -->
<!-- I call them as I see them. :) -->
<!-- We shouldn't use the P tag. -->

<!-- Why not? It's handy. It's standard! It formats itself! -->
<!-- It breaks font tags sometimes. -->
<!-- Oh come on! -->
<!-- It does. -->
<!-- I believe you. I just think it stinks. -->


<!-- I thought you didn't like All Caps. -->
<!-- For 24 hours, I'll live. -->
<!-- It's tomorrow. Where's the verbiage? -->
<!-- Heck! It's tomorrow's tomorrow. I'm betting we don't get it 'til Monday. -->
<!-- We're launching Monday! -->
<!-- Your point is? -->
<!-- I am not working this weekend. -->
<!-- Mmm. Hmmm. -->
<!-- I'm not. They can fire my butt first.-->

<!-- Well. Well. Well. I just got phone mail from Roger. A 5 p.m. meeting on a Friday? I bet you dinner at Luigi's that the launch is off. -->
<!-- I'll take that bet. I bet they are going to require us to work through the weekend. -->
<!-- Pessimist, aren't ya? -->
<!-- I'm hoping for my options, they don't release that POS app, but my experience has been that if possible, and even when impossible, I will get screwed. -->

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Friday, October 28. 6:04 p.m. EST by user BLJ02.

Archive Comment: Product revoked from
marketplace. Launch Cancelled.
Oscar owes me dinner.

This Vignette was inspired by one of the templates for the application we're building. It had more comments than content, and not a little nagging.