Ladies and Gentlemen,

I wish I could say that it is an honor to be here with you today, but, you see, I've worked with you all, and I know the truth. A more incompetant group of baboons never existed.

Mr Banks asked me to share some of my "wisdom" with you as I left the firm; it was much cheaper than the traditional kiss-off gift of the gold watch.

Did you know I was too old to be any use to the company? I didn't. It's funny. I meet deadlines, provide good product, and manage to be under budget. But I'm the over the hill.

What a coincidence that I'm over the hill three months before my pension level goes up. The word rat-bastards leap to mind.

Oh! That got your intention. Didn't think the old fuddy-duddy would have anything good to say, did ya? Didn't even bother listening. What else is new?

Well I'm glad to be going. Not for the paltry pension I'm going to be getting, but I'll be free of you all, but for the fact you guys didn't ask me to document anything... on Monday you're going to be screwed.

This Vignette was inspired by a bitter seatmate on the Delta Shuttle