Ancient World Web

Thank You

April 1994 - July, 2005

The Ancient World Web is now closed.

Thank you to the people who contributed links, fixes, updates, technology suggestions, and to those who used (and loved) the site over the past eleven years. I've appreciated it very much, and enjoyed getting to know you. I'd like to send a special shout-out to Dawn Kirkland - the first person to stumble across the list of bookmarks I put on my website for my own convenience, and the first person to suggest a link I hadn't seen before.

Shuttering the Ancient World Web was a difficult and sad decision for me. As the demands of the site have increased with its age and size, I simply haven't been able to keep up. I've been ignoring all of my other web projects to try and catch up over the past few months, but I find myself behind again before I even finish the maintenance routine.

(That routine includes: hand-verifying links (to track down sites that have turned to porn, or are no longer what they once were), fighting hackers and spam, digging through the suggested links (98% of which are inappropriate), rooting out fraud (people will try all sorts of things to improve their ratings or site hit counts), and trying to keep abreast of the latest news and information to figure out what new sites to add.)

I now need to dedicate that time to finding a new job (my current contract is up in October, and I'm looking for interesting, challenging UI work), finishing some key projects, and the assorted minutiae of life.

-- Julia (feedback at julen[dot]net)