Calico Fish Press

A Digital Alphabet

The first electronic Alphabet. Entirely graphical, this excursion into letter forms is a quasi-pop culture word association exercise.

The November Alphabet

Subtitled Excursions into Character, this is an entirely different look at the alphabet. The typographical exercise is extended by a creative literary extension of the images presented.

Animals Can Be An Alphabet, Too

Existing in spite of itself, this alphabet is a parade of animals cloaked in typography.

Alphabet Amandan

This alphabet was inspired by a woman I met briefly.

History of the Calico Fish Press

A short recounting of the origins, history, and naming of the Calico Fish Press.

rljhp pro-ductions

Once upon a time there was a small internet publishing house. The tenure was short, the rise mercurial, and the chatter animated. Largely predating the web, rljhp dissolved in a cloud of a genial neglect and busy lives.

Vignettes and other assaults upon the language

A place for the orphaned snippits of stories that come to me.