Julia A. M. Hayden

Engenia Software developed project and process management applications.

When I joined Engenia Software as the User Interface Engineer, the core product was in sorry shape. It had been specified by a sales engineer and a highly technical manager, and had been designed by a marketing design group with no experience in designing software. It was constructed using 9 frames in a single web page, and had been organized by the underlying technical architecture, and not in manner that would best benefit a user. I managed to reduce the number of frames and begin reshaping the presentation in a month. Sixteen months after I began working at Engenia, I had made significant changes.

The top image, below, relects the UI 1 month after I started. The bottom image reflects the UI 16 months later with new layouts, panels, icons, navigation, nomenclature, and features that I specified:
before and after image

When I started, users had to use the "Object Browser" in order to search:
old object browser

This was not intuitive or usable. Users had no idea they could search for multiple things, drill down in their searches, or how to limit their searches to more effectively find the thing they were looking for. I redesigned it to great user acclaim:
new search

I was also responsible for numerous customizations of the product to meet different business needs and requirements.

In 2003, the company changed course dramatically, and we began all over again. This time, we built a series of plug-ins for Microsoft Project and Visio, as well as a web-based dashboard and reporting system. We outsourced most of the development work, and began focusing on building an application that used templates and common components to ensure repeatable and process-compliant projects. Because the company was small, I also took on responsibility for QA, and was part of a small team of middle managers that ran the entire software development process with little input from our executives.

Digital copies of this work is not available at this time.

During my tenure at Engenia, I also took on (at various times) the mantles of Acting Lead of the Marketing, Product Development, Quality Assurance, and Customer Engagement Departments and was recognize as a chief contributor to overall morale. As part of these various roles, I created sales posters and collateral, customized applications, and designed all sorts of ephemera, including event invitations and ephemera.

Holiday Party Invitation | Holiday Party Ephemera

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