Julia A. M. Hayden

The Center for Technology Enablement focused on using cutting edge technology to serve Fortune 500 companies. As one of the first designers hired as a consultant, I brought a strong user focus to new tools and applications built using web technologies. I worked on both internal iniatives and projects for Fortune 500 companies.

My first big project was to design a suite of applications that could be packaged for a variety of industries. These applicationsm, which included information pushed to the desktop, industry marketplaces and databases, collaborative tools, auctions, and local information networking. We built the infrastructure and user interface, and then created customizations for industries like insurance and healthcare.

As a designer on the Nationsbank/GSA product, I was part of the team that built the smartcard management prototype. We worked to define and refine process and structure, took general requirements, and visualized specific functions and features, and built a protoype that gained positive feedback from the customers.

I was then brought onto a project building out a subscription-based financial information service for Standard & Poor's. I was asked to improve customer satisfaction, map out an overall identity for all current and future infromation feeds, and to work with the customer and user to improve ease of use, utility, and usability. I was also asked to mentor junior and new designers, resolve process gaps and conflicts with the development team, and to become more involved in the change control and risk management process.

Sample Screens (1997): What's New | Deal Detail | Portfolio Management

We designed and developed an extranet tool for Whirlpool to improve their communication with resellers of their product. I was responsible for constructing the prototype and working with the developers to ensure correct implementation of the application. I worked closely with a pure designer to ensure we achieved the proper requirements and user satisfaction.

I led the prototype team for Coca-Cola project to build an extranet for their Fountain group. Like Whirlpool, they wanted to improve communication with their resellers. We built a troubleshooting toolkit, mechanisms for requesting new ephemera, and mechanisms to share account and company information. This work can not be displayed due to a confidentiality agreement.

While at Ernst & Young, I also made significant contributions to internal efforts. In addition to building up the design team, and working to define our processes, structures, and documentation, I customized the RUP process to have a stronger user interface role before we rolled it out to all consultants. I mentored junior designers and conusltants, and served as a floating troubleshooter and problem-solver. I was also the art director and editor on a video highlighting E&Y employee involvement in the AIDS Rides.

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