Gallery of Rejected Designs



Type of Project:
Free-Lance / ListServ Web Site

Design Discussion:
This site was intended to describe a popular business-technology list-serv of particular use to small business owners unfamiliar with the Internet and electronic commerce.

I was asked to develop a site that was elegant, easy to use, and would be both "webby" and "enticing."

The initial page would load either this first screen or a flash object (if the individual's machine had the plug-in) that would iteratively color parts of the picture, and than add the taglines in gradually.

The content of the pages was designed to expand with the page width. The text would be set in garamond (with the usual serif cascade of fonts), and the text would be minimal.

In the long run (approximately six months) - if web usage was high enough - he intended to add browsable and searchable archives.

Rejection Rationale:
The list-owner/moderator decided not to make his list public after all.



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