The Gallery of Rejected Designs


Most of the work I do for my company is confidential. I can't simply can't place it up here for all the world to see. In order to demonstrate what I can do, I've chosen to show some of the designs that (for various reasons) have been rejected.

In some cases, I've had to alter some names and titles to protect the rich and corporate. In others, you see the mockups as they were delivered to friend, client, and even myself.

  UI Design: Doctoral Dissertation  
  UI Design: Ghirandello Garden Company  
  UI Design: Company Directory  
  UI Design: Project Precedent  
  UI Design: Real Estate Agent  
  UI Design: Something Industries  
  UI Design: Dinosaur Bones  
  UI Design: Center for Linguistic Study  
  UI Design: Cezanne: An Alphabet of Revolutionary Art  
  UI Design:  
  UI Design: eProject  
  UI Design: My Life in Pictures  
  Identity: Quartz II BBS Logo  
  Identity: Lindsay Interactive  
  UI Design: site design v.5  
  UI Design: site design v.6  

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