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Lindsay Interactive Identity

Type of Project:
Identity Project

Design Discussion:
Lindsay (Not its real name) needed an identity for its interactive suite of tools, sites, and applications, which it was unifying under one umbrella site.

The logo had a few restrictions in terms of color (orange was the primary corporate brand color) and typeface (good old garamond). They wanted a pure-type interactive logo. No symbols or icons were allowed.

The logo needed to convey motion and activity, a corporation on the move and into the new digital age. It had to evoke the overall brand strategy, but I was allowed to take some liberties if the impact was strong enough.

Rejection Rationale:
Option #1 was the universal favorite - the impact of the letters in motion in the background was appreciated enough to overlook the orange background.

Unfortunately internal political issues derailed (for this year, at least) the implementation of one integrated site.



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