Gallery of Rejected Designs



Type of Project:
Prose Poem, Ostentatious Presentation

Project Purpose:
To build an overly-technological shell for an epic prose poem about the similarity of "classic" websites and recently discovered fossils.

Design Discussion:
The user interface needed to be abstract enough to reflect both dinosaurs and feature a design that looked like the hip school of design after it's been unattended for about 6 weeks.

The attenuated water-stain look approximates that quite nicely. The tattered velvet curtain adds to the pretentious atmosphere of the whole thing, which is keyed into the attitude of the poem.

The windowwould pop up on the screen for no good reason, and force the user to scroll a little, and keep pushing buttons to get a new page.

Rejection Rationale:
There's the possibility, I'll get to letterpress the text over some lithographic renditions of the background and similar images. The catch is, I can't publish the text elsewhere or I lose the groovy discount I may get for the litho costs.



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