Gallery of Rejected Designs



Dawn & Doom *

Type of Project:
Doctoral Website

Project Purpose:
"I need a way to show my progress on my dissertation."

Design Discussion:
"As long as I can update it and it looks nice, I'll be happy."

I decided the design should be simple and elegant. Obviously, it would need to support the thesis topic in question.

I chose pears because I knew Their Eyes Were Watching God, in which a pear tree plays a significant role, would be one of the key sources for the dissertation.

The text hyperlinks at the upper right and the lower left of the box will rollover to a rich deep color.

Rejection Rationale:
She changed her dissertation topic. Again.

The one overriding issue with this design - should the topic have stayed the same - was the limited amount of space available for content.

* Names and topics have been changed to ensure confidentiality.



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