Gallery of Rejected Designs


My Life in Pictures

Type of Project:
Personal / Hyperfiction

Project Purpose:
To present the story of the fictional Lydia LaRue by taking advantage of the web medium, particularly the hypertextual linkages.

Design Discussion:
The deep blue is fairly typical color of the retro-Hollywood design. I suspect its the inky blueness of the theater just before the houselights come up.

The slight ragged edge of Papyrus enhances the memoir-aspect of the site, and I like the informality of Rage Italic. It adds that picture book sense to the pages.

The story was to be told in a non linear fashion. The user would be deposited on a random page initially, and the hyperlinks arranged on the right hand margin would send them spinning through Lydia's life.

Rejection Rationale:
I couldn't find the time to really devote to spinning this life. Work got in the way, and than my life took precedence. I haven't even found enough old pictures at flea markets to fill her life. Also, the gutter between the navigation and content is too narrow.



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