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(Not) Answering the eternal question "Where is she?"


Theoretically, this page would provide you with a real-time, up-to-date view into my world. You'd be able to discover exactly why I wasn't around, web-wise: Was I swamped at work? Was I involved in a major home improvement project? Was I rushing to finish a product? Was I placing a priority on sleep?

I feel pretty confident in assuring you that at any given time, anywhere between two and four of those options would apply.

But perhaps you would be interested in other points of status information...

Number of Current Goldfish: 26

Number of Goldfish My Cat Has Caught:3

Number of Seltzer Water Bottles I Buy in a Week: 2

Number of Insane Clowns Inhabiting My Closet: 0

Number of Plants In My Office: 2.5

Number of Living Ivy Plants In My Office: .5

Number of Plants In My Office I Want Replaced: .5

Number of Miles to Work: 14

Number of Commute Minutes (average): 35 (AM), 25 (PM)

Highest Snowdrift Against My Garage Last Winter: 6 ft.

Number of times I've said "my favorite Backstreet Boy": 0

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