I can't promise to respond to all email. Please don't take any lack of or delay in response to be any indicator of my worth or yours; it is far more likely to be a side effect of a busy life than it is a value judgment - unless you are sending me misogynistic spam for wigs. In that case, it's totally a reflection on your worth as a human being.

There's an outside chance that email might not be what you are looking for. I provide up-to-date local nattering and non sequiturs for the masses on twitter. I solicit book recommendations and post pictures from my critter cam and roadtrips to facebook (I prefer to have a context for folks on facebook - family, classmates, former coworkers, friends, witty internet pals, as opposed to total strangers for whom I have no context.) I do have a g+ account, but come on! I never check it because I don't work at Google and I have no need for hangouts.

Please Don't Mail Me If:

If, instead, you are witty, funny, informative, or simply a fine human being, you contact me at