Happy New Year! It's been a bumptious year, and I think we all hope this new year will be an improvement over the last.

This is the home for the collected projects & works of Julia Hayden. For twenty years, this website has been many things to one person - sounding board, receptacle for nattering, grounds for experiments, a base for silliness, not to mention grandstanding, dabbling, publishing, sharing, expounding, organizing, declaiming, reviewing, assorted mongering, and a thousand other things. At times, it has been many things to other people, which I consider to be a big gleaming bonus.

Over the years, some projects and pages have dropped out of site; please pardon any links that end up in a black hole. 20 years of experimentation plus several site restorations after hacking have led to inadvertent site contortions and disappearing files. In the vast majority of cases, the loss wasn't that great; I'm going through decades-old archives looking for the odd bit of missing awesomeness. In the meantime you can explore the site through the links over there.