A Confluence of Birds

A blog post about an unexpected experience.

Books I Have Loved

A list of books that had an impact on me. As seen on Facebook.

Found: An Old Alphabet Book

I found a fabulous 1844 reprinting of a 1694 primer/alphabet book a few years ago - so I scanned it and put it online

Images Past

A collection of images used in previous incarnations of this website

You Know You are a Geek When

A long long time ago (the mid-90s), I did a tongue-in-cheek guide to geek identification. The hilarity of it, of course, is that I am a non-standard geek. For all of my interest in technology, my history in the industry, and my facility with it, I am not your walking exemplar of STEM. My undergraduate degrees are fully in the humanities, I am what people in tech used to call "a creative", and I see technology as a tool to do stuff, not as the end product itself. In other words, people have been indignant about my geek and/or nerd cred since the day I wrote this - and that's before they hear about my fandoms, what I am protective and picky about, and the way I interpret those words (geek & nerd)