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The Ubiquitous Website

My first themed website, and one much preferred by the masses over the following versions of the website. The Ubiquitous Web Site was an odd combination of mockery and honesty, and is still (as of 2000!) being used in some classes as a design example. Some of the subpages have been modified as part of later site revamps.


Not an abbreviation of that fine old Scandinavian-American phrase, Uf Da, but the sound you make when you inadvertantly move too fast through a turnstile that isn't moving at all. That sudden expulsion of breath is usually sparked by a physical act literally knocking the wind out of you. For about three years, my head was miswired, and anything I found suprising elicited an involuntary "uf!"


I usually don't have one handy. I don't really care. I like the rain, and umbrellas usually only get unfurled if I have to do some serious walking outside, as opposed to dashing from house to car and back again.

University of North Carolina

From whence my master's degree was liberated (sometimes I felt like a thief in the night, juggling work and school). My master's paper dealt with the state of museum web sites - with a special focus on the idea of the virtual museum. Fifty websites were chosen at random and analyzed for trends and truisms. I am the most disloyal UNC-CH basketball-loving alumnus EVER.

University of Virginia

My nominal employer through many of my older teenage years (my salaries came from grant money) and college summers. Where any basketball game will suprise you - and sometimes it's a good suprise. Don't eat at O-Hill.


One of my favorite adjectives, it is a word that frequently applies to my hair, occassionally to my disposition, and rarely to my public behavior. There have been times, however ...

Words I particularly like: