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Zsa-Zsa Gabor

A personal hero. Actress and Diva. Read her biography. It's both fascinating and hilarious. I have two words for you: Kemel Ataturk.

Gallery of Rejected Design

Many years ago, when most of my professional work was embargo'ed, I made up a grouping of designs that never made it, in lieu of a formal portfolio. Eventually, of course, I could make that formal portfolio.


I'm a Geek. I'm not afraid to admit it. I've always been a geek. Half of my family are geeks. I'm too offbeat to be a nerd, and I'm too atypical to merely fascinated. Geekery is good. Many years ago, I wrote up a "guide" to knowing if you were a geek that is probably the second-most stolen thing I've ever done. Seriously, some people owe me money.


My mom recently gave me a picture of myself that I've always liked. I'm around the age of 3, and sitting in the middle of the bumpy dirt of the barn pen. Six geese are grazing around me. At that age, I was tolerated by the geese.


Between the Morbecks and Haydens, there's a whole mass of family ties to be ferretted out. Our discoveries include: the only woman ever prosecuted for witchcraft in the state of Pennsylvania, Julius I's first wife, and all manner of interesting tidbits. This is one of those sections I've always intended to flesh out and have always gotten distracted by other shinier baubles.


If you've poked around this site at all, you will know I love glass, in all its forms. There's something beautiful about well-crafted glass - color and light forged together into a beautiful form has the power to transfix, whether it is a lovely bowl or a superbly designed stained-glass object. I have a particular fondness for bright, colorful, well-formed west virginian glass. There's a magic in a well made, beautifully designed vessel.

Words I particularly like: