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Ice Cream

As a youngster, I flirted extravagantly with the chocolate melanges, the nut-flavored, the various chips, but for a while there I found myself turning into my father. I sought out Vanilla - plain, French, bean - it was the best choice. Now, I have since woken up from that dream of fine simplicity. I love a good pistachio or the lemon gingersnap over at Klines or an Americone Dream. I like the custard-style ice creams, the freshly-spun, the hand-mixed.

Information Science

My master's degree is in Information Science - my emphasis was on the organization of information, design, and evaluation. Living in the Southern Shangri-la of Chapel Hill (where I was pointed to SLIRP at the UNC dialups if I wanted a 10% chance of maybe seeing images), and working way too much, I still managed to get the degree done in two years. Whee! I may have gone to the IS side, but I still took the reference and cataloging classes, and they have proven to be fantatically useful in my subsequent life.

Inner Monologue (Formerly On My Mind)

One of the former blog-like streams of conscience that have lived on this site. There was a stretch there where I needed someplace to write down those little observations that weren't rants or raves or could stand on their own. So On My Mind was born. One might presume that since I've posted nothing there for years, there's been nothing on my mind in the past few years. Oh, would that were true!

Ireland and Italy

When I compile (and a big computer is required to handle my list) my list of places I want to go, Ireland and Italy are right at the top.


My favorite flower: I prefer the bold, big-headed, leggy Irises, the ones that are bright in color and bold in pattern. I like the way they look after a rainstorm, bedraggled but proud.

Words I particularly like: