- Cezanne -

I was thirteen the first time I fell in love with Cezanne. It was a painting of the Chateau Noir, and I couldn't stop staring. It was the golden ghost of the house, high on the hill that captured my eye. I spent months trying to duplicate that layered brush work, to capture the rocky cliffs and dark brush, to make my sky smolder like his.

I dream in Cezanne - the rich muted colors fill my world at night, infinitely deep shadows of slate blue and loamy browns. I dreamt of apples last night: rich, round, and shadowy...

Cezanne suddenly appears at the most pivotal points in my life, in those times where pivotal and life-changing decisions are made, Cezanne appears on my monitor, in my books, and in my thoughts.

This is my story. This is how I connect with Cezanne.

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