- Chateaux -

Cezanne painted his world. He painted the things he loved and he painted them over and over again. There are eight-seven known portraits of his wife, Hortense. His greatest works were painted in his hometown, near the mountains that drew him home and gave him a sense of place. His studio - with its grey blue walls and simple tables and bright windows - is the setting for his luscious fruit, masonry, plates, and other elements of the still lifes.

His paintings of the Chateau Noir, with its luminous walls made gold by the sun, is among his most intriguing work. An old house high on the hill, it was largely regarded by locals as being cursed and haunted, hence the name. In Cezanne's eyes, however, it takes on a different cast. It is golden but hollow, a ruin high on the hill, gradually being overtaken by the vibrant growing nature with its twisting roots, thick trees, and bright leaves.

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