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The images come from the Cezanne exhibit at the webmuseum, although the images have been subsequently altered for the purpose of display and presentation. The introductory image is Chrysanthemums (Vase fleuri) , and the site navigational image is part of Woman Seated in Blue. The presence of Apples, Peaches, Pears, and Grapes on my desktop monitor inspired the thoughts that inspired the site.

All of the images were created/modified in Adobe's beta release of ImageReady as part of my official evaluation for work. The pages were created in HomeSite on the laptop from work.

The javascript for the navigation was liberated from ProjectCool. I was going to use the javascript from Zadonick's Rollovers, but I had lost the attribution until I after I spent too much time trying to hack a similar solution and had started with the ProjectCool javascript, instead.

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