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Cezanne's palette is unique - combining the bright colors of the impressionists with the earthy colors of the traditional 19th century French palette. It's a subtle palette, whose colors are strong and bold. Cezanne painted wet on wet, which has the effect of infusing the colors with a fullness and a certain muted luminosity. His Impressionist brethern did typically use the earth colors that helped form the basis of his palette.

There was a black made from burnt peach puts, both an emerald (Veronese) and Viridian green, yellow ochre and the shadowy French Ultramarine. There was Carmine and a Frence Vermilian, a bright semi-opaque yellow in the palette as well. There was also Ultramarine Blue, a new color, made far more inexpensively than earlier blues that had to be made from grinding semi-precious stones (like lapis) into dust and incorporating them into pigment.

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