- Chateaux -

It's more than seeing the landscape as he saw it in winter and spring, summer and fall; with the multiple landscapes, Cezanne was a building a truth, a portrait of a part of his world. To see what he saw, to understand that the Chateau could be seen as a reflection of the artist: Cezanne painted the personal.

I too associate myself with the landscape around me; as a child, I'd wake up in the morning and see the Blue Ridge Mountains curving around. For me, home is a southern American landscape - large trees heavy with magnolia blossoms, tough dogwoods, crabapples, red maple trees, honeysuckle. The view from my childhood bedroom is who I am, the basis for my earliest references. The house I grew up in sticks out a little too much, too apparent, too up front, too forward: everything I don't want to be.

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