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Cezanne pulls you face forward into his painting - the colors, the brush strokes, the volume of the forms are alluring and sensual. Watch people in a museum, and their hands will rise almost not of their own accord. Cezanne's worlds are rich and beuatiful and almost familiar, and you want to taste it. You want to go and stand at the foot of the Chateau Noir and see what Cezanne saw. You want to put your fingers on the overlapping brushstrokes and feel the bark of a tree, and to smell the impending rainstorm. This too, was Cezanne's gift, the capturing of magic in paint.

For all of his technical innovation and impact upon other artists, what makes me envy Cezanne was his gift of capturing the magic of a moment, painting the sensuality of nature, the moods of man, the hint of boredom in an eye. Cezanne painted the soul of his subjects.

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