- Charisma -

Cezanne had the freedom to paint what he loved and what interested him, not only once, but many times over. How familiar was the cheek of his wife to his paintbrush and to the man? Sometimes I think I see his affection in the pigment, cradling the images, and sometimes I wonder what his familiarity bred.

Cezanne's charisma was so great that in a 1907 retrospective of his work, Georges Braque looked at Picasso and said, `Maybe we're doing it wrong.' It was the beginning stages of cubism (Picasso painted The Demoiselles of Avignon soon afterwards), and especially in those two decades after Cezanne's death, his influence can be clearly seen in Picassos's work - in the palette, in the solidity of his figures, in the overlapping strokes of paper, in the freedom to view and create art that wasn't purely representational, but was how you actually saw it.

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