Julia A. M. Hayden

Independent Consulting (2008-2011)

I take on a limited number of consulting clients and projects. My client list is confidential, but my projects include initial concept development and refinement for early-stage start-ups, design and user interface reviews and audits, identity design, and new product or feature design.

ACE Program, Customs and Border Protection (2006-2007)

As the UI Architect, I was responsible for all aspects of the user interface for all ACE Portal projects. Most of my work on a day-to-day basis falls under the aegis of management, design reviews, problem-solving, and design direction.
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America Online (2004-2005)

At AOL, I specified and designed user interfaces and concepts for web-based community and search tools, including journals (weblogs), local search products, social networking, search standardizations, email groups, and several conceptual search products. Examples of my work for AOL are available in the private portfolio.
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Engenia Software (2000-2004)

When I joined Engenia Software as the User Interface Engineer, the core product was in sorry shape. It had been specified by a sales engineer and a highly technical manager, and had been designed by a marketing design group with no experience in designing software. I streamlined, upgraded, and generally improved that user interface, designed new products, brought a strong user-focus to the product suite, and improved documentation, process, and the user experience.
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Ernst & Young (1996-2000)

I worked for several high-profile clients while at E&Y, including Standard and Poor's, Nationsbank, Coca-Cola, and Whirlpool, first as a designer and senior designer at the Center for Technology Enablement (CTE), and later, as part of the Design group. As one of the first designer-consultants at E&Y, I played key roles in defining the processes and documentation we used to deliver high-quality web-based applications, extranets, and intranets to Fortune 500 companies.
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Other Projects (1994-2007)

In the past thirteen years, I've designed and built a variety of personal websites, internet resources, blogs, digital books, and other online widgets.
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