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I hung a picture this weekend. A pastel, actually, one from 1990, back when I was still signing them JWH90. I remember vividly the day I created it. I had set out to do a companion piece to Neptune, a painting that I looked down at one day and didn't remember painting, even though the brush was in my hand, and the colors were arrayed in front of me. I wanted this painting, soft and smudged, to be a woman of extraordinary ordinariness, a mere mortal. The blues and greens of Neptune's oceans would be woven in her dress, and I had the traditional ancient iconography ready to go.

What I actually drew was a modern companion to Neptune, a woman with fire in her eyes. The lines are sharp, and the rough patches of color add a curious dimension to the face. It's a sketch. Unfinished, some might argue. Cezanne sometimes painted this way - mapping out a painting, roughing it in, and than only painting part of it - the vegetation and trees in front of a town (a hauntingly good composition), or the deep shadowy texture of a roof.

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